Consulting and Contract Services

Dendronex has extensive experience in synthetic chemistry, reaction scale-up, materials science, nanotechnology, and supramolecular chemistry.  Reaction design and process optimization, from the milligram to kilogram to pilot plant to commercial scale are within our expertise. Contact us for more information on how we can help you and your company expand your offerings or better meet the needs of your customers. For example, below are four examples of ester-terminated, carbon-branched building blocks with electron-deficient alkene groups that can 1) easily react with nucleophiles or 2) facilitate incorporation into a polymeric or oligomeric chain. The ester groups can be further transformed to generate water-loving species. Similar materials are available with protected amine moieties in place of the ester groups. As well, the acrylate functionality can be replaced with a stable isocyanate group for easy reaction with amines, alcohols or thiols or the acrylate group can be replaced with an azide species and used to facilitate the building blocks incorporation into the myriad of potential click chemistry reactions. 

Behera's Acrylate

Dendronex Catalog # D0001

Chemical Formula: C25H43NO7

Molecular Weight: 469.62

Kishore's Acrylate

Dendronex Catalog # D0002

Chemical Formula: C19H33NO5

Molecular Weight: 355.48


Dendronex Catalog # D0003

Chemical Formula: C43H75N3O11

Molecular Weight: 810.08


Dendronex Catalog # D0004

Chemical Formula: C61H106N4O16

Molecular Weight: 1151.53